Postdoctoral fellowships

Each year the Jerome Lejeune Foundation and the Sisley-d’Ornano Foundation launch a call for jointly-awarded postdoctoral fellowships. These aim to support the career development of promising young scientists working on fundamental, translational and clinical aspects of Down syndrome and other genetic diseases with intellectual disability.

Open Call deadline:

No open call

In 2021, the research conducted by the postdoctoral fellow applicant should be dedicated to:

Down syndrome and cross pathologies

Namely pathologies occurring both in Down syndrome and in the general populationsuch as (but not limited to) Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism, cancer, etc.

Hypotonia in Down syndrome

Of special interest are studies exploring the central and/or peripheral origin of hypotonia.

Genetic interaction linked to Down syndrome cognition.

Namely, relationship between genes located on chromosome 21 or genes on chromosome 21 and genes located on other chromosomes and that are involved in Down syndrome cognition.


♦  Candidates must hold a doctoral degree or equivalent at the start of the fellowship.

♦  The research project of the candidate must be directly related to the topics of the call.

♦ The research project is to be conducted within an academic institution.

Important: The funds provided by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation cannot in any way be used to purchase or make use of human embryonic or fetal tissues or another biological material obtained through abortions, IVF or human cloning or to create new human germinal cells.

How are applications selected?

Projects will be evaluated and ranked by a dedicated selection committee composed of 4-6 external reviewers.

All applications are evaluated by the selection committee based on compliance with the eligibility criteria, scientific excellence, novelty, feasibility and potential impact on clinical or therapeutic applications, quality of the research environment and the profile of the applicant.

How much money is awarded?

The Jerome Lejeune and Sisley-d’Ornano fellowships are awarded for a period of two years to an amount of 130.000 euros.

The number of fellowship awarded will depend on the annual budget allocated by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation to the calls.

When can I apply?

The call for postdoctoral fellowships opens from December to February.

How to apply?

Applications must be prepared following the guidelines (available soon…) 
Complete applications should be send as one PDF file to:


Awarded Postdoctoral fellowships

All years/last 5 years:

Number of fellowships: 16

Total Amount: 2.080.000 €