The Jerome Lejeune Foundation is a non-profit organisation recognised of public utility and donations are the Foundation main resources. We receive support from many individuals, foundations, patient’s associations and corporations in our quest to care, research and advocate for patients with Down syndrome and other genetic diseases with intellectual disability.

Donations come in a number of ways:

→ One-off private gifts
→ Regular private donations
→ Tax-deductible donations
→ Major donors’ programs
→ Bequests and notarised donations
→ Life insurance designated beneficiary
→ Fundraising initiatives

For specific actions, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation has developed partnerships with:

→ The Sisley-d’Ornano Foundation (for the postdoctoral fellowships).

The Foundation resources are dedicated to:

→ Financing audacious research projects (bi-annual calls for projects)
→ Rewarding young researchers (Young researchers award), and financing their training (postdoctoral fellowships and 4th-year PhD scholarship)
→ Strengthen synergies within the scientific and medical community (Scientific and clinical meetings, T21RS)
→ Inform the general public about the progress of research (Newsletter, social networks and events)
→ Financing the Jerome Lejeune Institute actions (medical care and clinical research)
→ Advocacy

We thank our donors and partner organisations for supporting our mission and helping us in our quest to advance the development of drugs and therapies that will offer people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities the opportunity to lead healthier, longer and fulfilling lives.