The Jerome Lejeune Foundation applies and promotes high quality standards in the selection process of proposals, the implementation of awarded research projects and the dissemination of the results

Selection process

To fulfil our mission of funding and promoting project-based research into Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities of genetic origin, the Jerome Lejeune Foundation relies on a thorough selection process that guarantees fair, independent and impartial peer review of submitted applications.

The selection process of all our calls is based on the fundamental principle of peer review. Two types of independent reviewers from the scientific community participate in our selection processes:

  • The scientific advisory board of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, consisting of 28 members with expertise in a broad range of fields, including genetics, neurobiology, paediatrics, psychiatry, biochemistry, molecular biology, translational medicine, genetic diseases and immunology.
  • Independent international experts, specialists in the scientific field of a particular proposal are invited to assist us in our evaluation process. They assess projects on criteria specific for the call, scientific quality, innovative aspects and feasibility.  

Before accessing the documents of a specific proposal, the panel members and experts agree to follow the ethics and scientific integrity standards during their evaluations. They have to declare no conflicts of interest exist and if potential conflicts of interest arise, they must inform our research section.

The selection process stages at a glance

Research quality

  • The Jerome Lejeune Foundation is committed to the highest international standards of good scientific practice in applications, scientific reviews and in the conduct of awards, and we expect awardees to adhere to our ethical standards and conduct themselves responsibly in all aspects of their research.
  • The Jerome Lejeune funding starts at the PhD preparation level and extends into later career stages. We require applicants to be aware of and adhere to the most stringent international criteria of good scientific practice in preparing and submitting applications for funding, implementation of research projects and subsequent reports and scientific publications of their findings.
  • The Jerome Lejeune foundation requires researchers and institutions to adhere to the laws, regulation, policies and standards in the jurisdictions in which the research is conducted. As well as policies on research misconduct and guidelines and regulations regarding human and animal experimentation.
  • Researchers and institutions agree to these policies when accepting Jerome Lejeune Foundation awards.